Monday, April 07, 2008


Friday I found myself looking for lunch in Champaign.
I got some tips from a fellow central Illinois blogger, and jotted down some great ideas. What did I do with them? Forgot them on my desk on Thursday.
I had also read with interest about several restaurants who use local ingredients in their dishes on this blog. I kept driving by a place called Ko-Fusion that I remembered seeing on the list, so I decided "what the heck?", parked and walked in.
Located at 1 East Main Street in Champaign, Ko-Fusion has quite the contemporary look and feel, from the blue glass block windows to the concrete floor and modern metal chairs.
A sign outside proclaims they use organic meats and wild-caught seafood, which is great to see.
I took a booth and perused the menu, quickly settling on the organic chicken Bento box, complete with California roll, summer vegetables, salmon cake and salad.
I'm no Bento box pro, having only had one before this experience, but this one seemed quite large to me. The portions were reasonable but not large (fine by me) and this entreƩ was priced at $13.
The chicken and vegetables were wonderfully seasoned with a sweet and spicy sauce, the green beans were crisp and fresh tasting, and I ate every scrap, tossing in a bit of sticky rice here and there.
I ate a couple of pieces of the California roll and tried a bite of the salmon cake. I ate about half of the salad of mixed greens topped with a gingery dressing.
My favorite by far was the chicken and vegetables.
My waiter was unobtrusive, bringing me a second iced tea when he delivered my meal. He was also quick to notice when I was finished and promptly stopped by.
This lunch outing proved to be interesting in both decor and taste.

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Seth Ben-Ezra said...

When my wife and I visited Chillicothe early last year, we ate at Ko-Fusion and really enjoyed the experience. We'd go back again.