Thursday, April 24, 2008

A milestone?

I've seen this day looming for a couple of weeks now: the 300th post for my blog.
Did I think this blog would last this long? Probably not. But it's still enjoyable to me, so why the heck not?
The moment may seem rather anticlimactic, though, since I really don't have anything profound to write about for my 300th post, and nothing much has been going on.
Let's see, I've enjoyed some local meals out in Peoria, like lunch at Vallarta's, Panache, Yen Ching and the Spotted Cow (they have a nice new sign, but bananas foster ice cream is gone from the lineup); StfRon picked out a winner of a wine at Super Liquors in Peoria; picked out some nice cheese to accompany said wine at Lindy's Downtown Market in Washington; we had some mediocre dining in Springfield; heard of one of our regular haunts being up for sale; spent part of a Saturday poking through the Illinois Antique Center; and welcomed spring with the purchase of some vegetable plants from our local greenhouse, Washington Greenhouse in Washington.
I noted with interest the opening of the Prairie Grille in Kickapoo. The cuisine sounds like not your everyday fare, especially for that location which has seen many a restaurant through the years.
We also have some plans on the horizon for some different local dining this weekend. If they pan out, I'll be sure to report back.


Hotz' said...

Happy 300! Woot woot!

Alice said...

I've been lurking on your blog for awhile learning about local places. I love it as I've only been in the area a year. I would like to report though that I was at Spotted Cow yesterday and they had bananas foster ice cream. I think it's really random luck what kind of ice cream they have.

Jeep2000 said...

Of course they have it now, while I'm out of town!!
Thanks for the tip, though...I'll be sure to have lunch there as soon as I get back, or at least swing through for some ice cream on my way home from the airport!!