Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Midweek check-in

Over the weekend, we enjoyed dinner in Washington at the C Note Pub after finding Gracie's Sports Grille & Pizza had a 45 minute wait. My buffalo chicken sandwich was extra saucy, and we got a sneak peek of what the new menu items will be, both upstairs at Denhart's and downstairs in the pub.

We also made a semi-impromptu appearance at the Fish House in Peoria, meeting up with some family and a friend. StfRon and I both had the pistachio crusted sea bass. The crust was enjoyable, but I found that apparently I'm not a big sea bass fan. The halibut my dad had looked great.

Monday night we got in to Gracie's in Washington before they got too crowded. It almost seemed like they might have been a little short on waitstaff during this visit.
In any case, we enjoyed dinner at the bar, and I tried the salmon this time. The entreƩ was almost artfully arranged, with a nicely prepared hunk of salmon topped with a sweet sauce, next to it, my side of cole slaw in a ramekin and the large white plate was garnished with a purple kale sprig. I thought the salmon was great and the cole slaw had an interesting kick of horseradish to it.
When we first got there, some guys in the bar were getting into the Cubs game, and the sound was really echoing off the ceiling and floor. If you're looking for more quiet dining, you might want to head next door to Basta O'Neill's.

Haven't had any local lunches out this week. We've got some travel planned this weekend (so I'm saving my lunch money), but tomorrow looks promising for a nice local lunch experience. I have some hopes as to where it may be...


Henny Penny said...

Champaign Taste is an excellent blog for finding food in CU. In downtown Champaign I go to Aroma Cafe or the Esquire for lunch. Around the university I like the Steamboat on Kirby just west of Neil. Downtown Urbana has tons of locally owned restaurants

Jeep2000 said...

Thanks! I will check the blog out, and also look into the places you mentioned, as it looks like I am going for sure now.