Thursday, April 10, 2008

Seejay & Pammy's Unique Teak

Never having been in Seejay & Pammy's Unique Teak, I had visions of a store filled with lots of wood furniture, salad bowls, picture frames and more, presumably made of teak.
I stopped in to their newer home (formerly on Sheridan Road) at 8414 N. Knoxville Avenue in Peoria this week, and was surprised to find nary a sign of teak wood.
Instead, I found myself surrounded by colorful purses and costume jewelry. There was also a selection of sunglasses, and even some decorative dish towels and wine bags. I saw a martini dish towel set made in the USA.
Unique Teak looks like just the place to find a fun gift for my mom.
There is also a Pekin location at 2942 Court Street.

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